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Recruiting workers from South Asia

Areas in which we work


We can find highly qualified workers and helpers for the construction industry. Our database includes builders, painters, plasterers, masons, electricians, masons, welders, carpenters, and support staff. Some of the candidates have experience in the UAE and Qatar, where there is a good level of construction.                                                                                                  

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Hotel and restaurant business

Our company recruits personnel for seasonal countries and also for stable positions in the field of hotels and restaurants. These can be cleaners, housekeeping, cooks, kitchen assistants, bartenders and waiters. Some of the candidates have work experience in high-level institutions in Delhi or Dubai.



Our company recruits qualified and unqualified personnel for warehouses, factories and manufacturing plants. We work with physically stable candidates who can work on the line, as packers and sorters as well as forklift drivers.               



We help in the search for personnel for large cleaning companies. We have the opportunity to find candidates with the necessary professional cleaning experience. Also our clients can be small cafes, construction sites or office premises.



For agriculture, we find workers from rural areas who have the necessary experience and physical endurance for the job. These can be seasonal positions for all types of fruit and vegetable harvesting. We also have recruitment opportunities for tractor drivers and other necessary personnel for agriculture.


Exclusive requests

Even if your vacancy is not listed, please contact us. We have experience and the ability to recruit IT staff, truck drivers, and nurses. We will always consider your request and do our best to find the staff you need.

Why invite workers from Asia?


Our company receives a one-time low fixed commission only after three months of work by our found candidate. The employer is not obliged to make any advance payments until the moment of complete satisfaction with the candidate found by our company. 


All candidates who migrate from Asia come to Europe for a long period (at least one year). This is because there is a big difference in wages between Asia and Europe and a long distance from home. This guarantees that the employer can forget about looking for employees for a long time.


Workers from Nepal and neighbouring countries are calm, disciplined and persistent in their work. Asian culture and religion forbid alcohol, and workers themselves are renowned for their hard work.


We have no restrictions on recruiting workers for a certain number. Our company has our own offices in Kathmandu and Dubai, as well as a large partner network of recruiting companies.

 3 Easy steps to find workers


Request and selection

The first step is to get a request from the employer for workers. For a quality and quick search for candidates, we need to get as much detail as possible about the workers' vacancy and the requirements. Our candidates most are Nepalese nationals. Generally, we can provide workers with resumes within one working week. 



The second step is to prepare all the necessary documents. For successful recruitment, we need work permits issued for the employer's company. The employer itself takes care of the approval process; however, our company provides all consultation services regarding this process free of charge. While waiting for the permit, we prepare additional documents for both parties future submission to the embassy.


Visas and arrival

After obtaining work permits from the employer's company, we start the visa process at the embassies that are located in the countries of residence of the candidates. As soon as the visas are received, we facilitate the workers' arrival in the destination country directly to their workplace.

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